One-of-a-kind home decor is da best. I love finding dated or boring items from the thrift store then giving them some pizzazz. Drop by your local thrift store for wooden serving bowls or spoons then with a bit of time and minimal cost make them swoon worthy.


What you’ll need:

  • thrift store wooden serving spoons
  • sandpaper
  • cloth
  • olive oil
  • non-toxic craft paint
  • sponge brush or paint brush
  • beeswax*

* for updating display pieces you can use Mod Podge to seal the paint

First you need to find your wooden salad spoons. I bought these for $1 from the Lions Gate Thrift Store.


First I sanded the spoons. I then wiped them and added olive oil to the wood to bring out the grain.


I then used masking tape to mark where I was going to paint the stems.

I chose to paint the stems Citron and Robins Egg Blue. Two of my FAV colours – bright and vibrant!


I added a few coats of paint allowing for coats to dry before reapplication.


Once they were dry, I was ready to add some sort of sealer.


Next I headed to Michaels. They suggested I try beeswax to seal the paint and that I didn’t need to seal the wood. Using a type of edible oil was enough and would need to be reapplied every so often. And thank goodness for the weekly coupons – the beeswax was $28! Eh gad! It ended up being $14 plus tax. Dealorama!

I then rubbed the painted stems on the bar of beeswax which seals the paint and gives it a nice shine. I also added a coat of olive oil the wood. Done!


Once you’ve done this DIY you’ll search out other thrift store finds to update. I started painting wooden bowls then using Mod Podge to seal the paint instead of beeswax.


These $1 teak napkin rings are looking pretty darn awesome with the addition of a turquoise trim on the outside.


So get out to your local thrift store and find something to relove. Then either keep your project or pass on the crafty goodness. Sharing IS caring.