We recently took a stroll around the hood to see what’s coming down the pipeline in terms of new business coming to Lower Lonsdale. It sure is an exciting time to be living here and it seems that every day there is a new decal on a previously vacant window, catching our eye and filling us with excitement for whats to come.

Here are a few that got us interested:


RIDE Cycle Club started in Vancouver a few years ago with a downtown location that became the new “it” spot to get your sweat on. Classes are set to unique playlists with each instructor offering a different vibe. They believe in the power of music and its influence on your workout (could not agree more, listening to Drake on full blast definitely gets us going).

Since then, hey have opened a Toronto location and are now headed to the North Shore. They will be located on the trendy West 1st block, easily making this stretch of road the coolest in town. RIDE combines an intense cardiovascular sweat, micro bike movements and full body toning reinforced by the authority of music.

ETA: Summer 2017 


While we’re on this block (and talking about burning calories), let’s take a look 2 doors down at the much anticipated arrival of the hip ice cream joint, Earnest Ice Cream. Established in 2012, the ice cream is made in small batches with unique, foraged ingredients like fresh spruce bud and elderflower. This spot will definitely bring the ‘cool’ factor to our neck of the woods. They will offer ice cream by the scoop and pint, as well as cold brew, kombucha and ginger beer on tap.

We also love how they pack their delicious pints in returnable and reusable glass jars. Go green!

ETA: July 2017 


Local entrepreneurs and start-ups will be happy about this one. Coming to the old Canada Post buiding (located on the north east corner of 1st Street and Lonsdale) is a coworking space featuring fully furnished private offices over two floors. They will also include collaborative workspaces, dedicated hotdesks, lounge workspace, board rooms and meeting spaces. The back of the building boats a huge outdoor patio as well as loading dock. This is a dream for those struggling to find an affordable space to cultivate your entrepreneurial dream with prices starting at $350/month.

The top floor including the private offices & dedicated workspace is already open and the main floor is expected to be done by August. To inquire about availability, visit their website

ETA: Open now + August 2017 


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