It’s been an amazing summer in North Van, probably one of the best that I can remember in my 30+ years of living on the shore. I’ve tried my best to spend as much time as possible outside hiking some trails, walking along the Spirit Trail, chilling on my rooftop patio after work, walking the West Vancouver seawall, and most of all, spending weekends in the sunshine at various beaches along the shore. It’s truly been an exceptional summer… one for the books!

With that said, I have noticed over the years that something happens around this time of year and it seems to be happening faster than ever this year. The conversations shift, the marketing changes and with four weeks to go, one can’t help but start to be reminded about the inevitable upcoming event…


With temperatures continuing to dance around in the mid twenties, and days on end filled with bright blue skies and sunshine, there still appears to be a growing trend all around, reminding us that we’re on a deadline when it comes to enjoying those summer hikes and relaxing sea-side beach naps.

Here are 5 things I’ve noticed:

1. People are already talking about #PSLs.
I have to give them credit, if Starbucks has done one thing right, it’s the marketing and branding behind the Pumpkin Spice Latte phenomenon. What was once an enjoyable seasonal beverage has turned into one of the largest marketing campaigns out there and is now the defining characteristics of Basics all across the planet. Just the other day, Starbucks announced that this year’s #PSL will have actual pumpkin in it! And while the Basics (people who follow the pack) cheered, I had to question, what was in the drinks before? Thank you, Starbucks, for reminding us that Autumn is coming. I’ll continue to treat myself to an Iced Americano for a few more weeks.


2. Boots & sweaters… what’s the big deal?
Just the mention of autumn to any of my female fall-loving friends, and they literally freak out over their sweaters and boots. Just the other day I was talking to a group of friends and said something along the lines of “I get a little depressed when I think about summer coming to an end.” and I kid you not, the two of them screamed, clasped their hands, looked into each other’s eyes and started talking about their new boots that they “can’t wait to wear” with their chunky large sweaters and scarves. Just the idea of all of those layers caused me to break into a sweat. It’s August folks, can’t we all just calm down and enjoy our shorts and sandals for a little bit longer? I Even reading this will cause a few of you readers to get excited. Hold your horses, it’s still summer!


3. Loblaws plant selection has a harvest-vibe.
The influx of reminders that summer is ending has even infiltrated my grocery shopping experience. This past weekend I went to Loblaws on Lonsdale to restock my desperately empty fridge.  When I went to check out what plants were on promo, I couldn’t help but notice a theme to the colours of their plant assortment. At first, I thought the summer heat had killed off a batch of plant-victims, but soon realized that even Loblaws has jumped onto the Autumn-prepping bandwagon and is featuring all things burnt orange, crimson red and purple. I was immediately saddened by yet another reminder that summer is ending. Thank goodness Loblaws hadn’t gone too far and were still featuring BC Blueberries and Peaches inside, along with watermelons and fresh caught summer salmon. My BBQ was pleased.
Take it easy Loblaws–it’s still summer for a few more weeks!


4. Suddenly, just became your best friend.

The other day I was out and about on my lunch break. My favourite pen had just run out of ink (which always bums me out) and so I thought to myself, “Oh let’s just pop into Staples on the way back to the office.”. This guy (me) obviously forgot what it was like in Staples this time of year– BACK TO SCHOOL. The madness has already started and I’m sure is only going to get worse.


The parking lot was relatively busy with the keener parents attempting to beat the back to school rush before all the last-minute Margos and once I clued into the chaos that was going on, I decided that my pen replacement plans would have to wait and that online shopping would be the way to go. Even as I write this, I can’t help but get a little stressed out about what household cleaners I may need from WalMart in the next couple of weeks. That place is DESTINED to be a gong show over the next month with stressed out parents trying to find the accepted brands of school supplies while their children decide now is the best time to have a midday melt down. So on that note, shop online, avoid the lineups, and spend your time outside in the summer sunshine where happiness thrives off of vitamin D and joyful Instagram posts.

5. Pier 1 wants you to Thanksgiving already.
I once signed up for the Pier1 newsletter to save 10% off of a purchase and as a result, I receive their promotional emails. While I only shop there for candles and wedding gifts, I couldn’t help but be a little offended by a recent promotion running on their website. The theme was all about planning for Thanksgiving. It’s August 18th, so obviously it’s time to start crafting that wreath for your holiday entertaining because you only have 8 weeks to set your table (sarcasm)! Easy there Pier 1, I’m still enjoying sitting on my patio under my mini lights, burning my citronella candles while reading a book. Autumn can wait… and like I’ve said, it’s still summer in North Vancouver.

Don’t even get me started with Costco bringing out the Christmas decor already…

Businesses, this is the best time of year and late August/September in VanCity is the best! Warm sunny days with cool evenings brings the best balance of both seasons and I urge you, please, embrace the final days of Summer 2015… let’s not rush into autumn just yet. Rock your shorts and sandals, sip on your iced tea, BBQ every meal, play outside and enjoy every last moment of summer because before you know it, you’ll just start counting down the days to Summer 2016 during the rainy dreary months of November-February.

Or maybe that’s just me. What do you think?

Long live summer-living on The North Shore!