In this backyard adventure, Jessica takes us on a quick weekend getaway to wilderness-surrounded Sunwolf Cabins in Squamish.

Where: Sunwolf Cabins in Squamish BC.  “Sunwolf is situated on the confluence of the Cheakamus and Cheekye Rivers in beautiful Brackendale, British Columbia.”

After reading the tripadvisor reviews, I was excited to pack my bag, ditch my cell phone, and head to a weekend of budget-friendly scenic hiking and relaxation.   No TV.  No Wi-Fi.  And 5 acres of dog friendly land for my two uncivilized furry friends, Sullivan and Lucy.  My kind of place. Well – the no Wi-Fi thing was annoying but I put on a fake smile about it all weekend.  

Kevin and I left Lower Lonsdale on Friday at 1 pm and arrive an hour later.  Yep, it’s that close.  Cabin 3 was assigned to us by the affable staff at reception. We reserved one of the riverside cabins with a kitchen.  I always prefer to get a kitchen when travelling as I’m a bit of a health junkie (aka “granola” freak) and require a fridge to store all of my kombucha and homemade things.


Outside of our cabin

The cabin was fairly spacious and had a Scandinavian feel.  Lots of pine and simple furnishings.  Not extravagant, but that’s the point: queen size bed, a futon-type-couch-thing, and a kitchen equipped with an apartment-size range, toaster, mini-fridge, kettle, a variety of pots, dishware, and cutlery.  The bed was comfortable and everything seemed quite clean.  An added perk: heated floors in the modern (albeit tiny) bathroom.  


Inside of Cabin 3


River directly behind the cabin (Sullivan getting frisky)


Inukshuk at the river behind the cabin

If the weather had been nicer, we would have spent the evening at the communal fire pit.  Or, (more probable) we would have spent an hour turning into prunes in the hot tub competitively filling our bathing suit bottoms up with air and laughing like a pair of idiots but alas…it happened to be broken during our stay.  We decided to stay in and have a rummy night.   

Saturday morning we ate at the cafe on site called Fergie’s.  Wow.  Just wow.  Everything we had at this little diner proved to be fantastic. They have a built-in smoker; every dish was carefully prepped and flavoured.  I had the veggie breakfast bowl, and even my vegetables had a smoky, grilled flavour.


Veggie Breakfast Bowl at Fergie’s Cafe

After our breakfast, we packed up the dogs and drove to Alice Lake which is just on the other side of the highway.  We decided to do the Four Lakes Trail hike.  It is a 6.5 km fairly easy beginner hike.  The weather held up and we were able to see some beautiful scenery.  It was tranquility at its best, except for the fact I kept picturing that scene from The Revenant.  You know…the one with the bear?  Scary sh*t.  


Four Lakes Trail


Four Lakes Trail – Alice Lake

After our adventure, we were starving. First stop: food at Zephyr Cafe in downtown Squamish. They are an innovative cafe offering local ingredients and catering to multiple dietary preferences.  I’ve never had a better raw Pad Thai in my life.  Honest.  Food was amazing; service was “ok”.


Inside of Zephyr Cafe

Next stop: the Howe Sound brew pub just down the street.  Brewskies!   Kevin and I both decided to order the tasting flights.  My favorite was the Rail Ale Nut Brown.  This was also the location of an immensely important part of our weekend trip: a debate between Kevin and me on beer etiquette.  Do you have to finish the flight if you do not like all of the beers?


My malt beer tasting flight at the Howe Sound Brew Pub

Sunday morning we ate a Fergie’s again before hitting the road.  An hour drive back and we were home, wishing we were still in the woods of Brackendale.  Overall, I would say this was a great choice for a budget friendly weekend getaway.  And… the lack of Wi-Fi wasn’t too bad.  We both made it out without killing each other.  The downside?  I would suggest Sunwolf stock some board games for their communal lounge and perhaps some snacks for purchase.  Minor details and not a deal-breaker.

What are your favorite budget-friendly local weekend getaways? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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