I don’t know if you’re all weather stalkers like I am, but this weekend is supposed to be wicked. It’s also officially “back to reality” time – school is back in session, vacation brain is no longer a valid excuse at work, and the general consensus is it’s time for summer to end and real life to pick back up again. I call it ‘adulting,’ and I refuse.

We have two more days of 27-28 degree weather: here’s how you can live it up outside this weekend.

Wake up with the sun (just kidding, don’t set an alarm, it’s Saturday!) and get ready for fun. Throw a frisbee (and maybe a book? your growler?) in your bag and walk down to the Quay for breakfast at the All Day Café. Have you tried their eggs benny? It’s a solid choice.

Grab a coffee at Bean Around the World in your reusable mug and you should be properly fueled to stroll through the farmers market (it starts at 10am) and see what’s on offer. Take a wander down the pier, then loop back around the Quay and Waterfront Park and follow the Spirit trail into the marina to dream about owning a yatch.

Head back to the Quay and make your picnic choices. Takeaway or a selection of breads, cheeses, meats and veggies – the choice is yours. I’ll also leave the Kombucha vs. Greenleaf Beer selection in your capable hands.

Walk up Chesterfield to Victoria park, pick out a picnic spot and put down roots. Toss the frisbee around, people watch, play with other people’s pooches (ask them first!) or relax with a book and enjoy the sunny September day. If by the afternoon you’ve decided a patio is in order the one at Pier 7 offers pretty incredible views, and Tap and Barrel is always busy on a nice day.

Breakfast of champions, a seaside stroll and afternoon playtime all within a seven block radius? I’ll count that day as a win.