Hello there sir and/or madam,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Kelvin, a writer and hockey coach plying my trade in North Vancouver. I have a few questions for you, but I’d like to share something first, something I believe can set us upon common ground so that we might be able to have a conversation.

You see, we’re not so different, you and I.

Here’s why. I wrote an article the other day about my frustration with the way in which our water supply is being exploited by the government and various corporations hell-bent on monetizing the liquid beneath our feet.

The reaction was positive. Not about the subject matter, but about the article itself. I was happy the reaction was positive. The reaction was the key, it boosted my ego and flooded me with a powerful sense of accomplishment.

I like attention.

Speaking of attention, are you enjoying yours? It seems like you’ve had a busy week.

Originally, I chose to believe there was no possible way the fires in Hastings Creek were deliberately set, but the evidence seems to claim otherwise.

And now, the lynch mobs are watering their horses and tightening their nooses.

So I ask you, did you do it? And if you did, why?

I generally want to know. I want to understand.  I crave insight into a mind capable of this type of random tomfoolery. Perhaps the result of the act was never considered, perhaps it truly was an accident.

I would love to believe that, I think we all would. But you know how the saying goes, where there’s smoke…

Thanks for reading. Get back to me when you have a moment. Maybe you’re taking the weekend off and you have some time on your hands. Actually, if you do have capable hands, I know some forest firefighters who could put them to good use.

…If they don’t chop them off first.

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