Labour Day weekend is over and now it’s back to the grind whether it be school, work or just life all together.

Here are 5 helpful tips to keep yourself (or get yourself) on track when it comes to being healthy, staying fit and tackling life like the badass that you can be!


  1. Drink Water

Here’s the truth: H2O comprises close to 60% of our body weight. That’s over half of what we’re made up of. So in truth, if we don’t drink water and replenish this half of ourselves with the good stuff–guess what? Things start to break down. We become tired, aggravated, our organs don’t function the same and sometimes we even start to mistake being thirsty for being hungry, consuming unnecessary calories we could have otherwise avoided. Moral of the story, carry a water bottle and DRINK UP my friends.


  1. Lift Heavy Things

We’re not talking about your Marry Poppins ‘bag lady’ purse you carry around, or for the gents your 12 pack of beer. We’re talking about weights. You know, those black heavy metal instruments that gleam at us from the other side of the gym we tend to shy away from. Here’s a fact: when you build more muscle, you burn more fat. Simple, yet effective. And no, you are not going to start morphing into the hulk, trust us, we know from experience. Don’t be afraid of this body shaping tool!


  1. Find your center

A big cause of weight gain, retention or plateauing can be stress. This sneaky ‘S’ word somehow manages to claw it’s way into our lives without us even realizing the effects until BAM!–the muffin top begins to spill over and our hair starts to fall out. Seriously though, stress is a major cause of many health issues that begin to add up over the years. The best way to fight stress? Exercise. And of course, YOGA! Yoga allows you to be with your breath and nothing else. It encourages you to be in the moment, to be mindful with yourself and your body. Ever wonder why yoga instructors look so blissed out and toned? Hit the mat people!


  1. Treat your body like a temple

There’s a reason this saying exists. It’s true we really only have one body, so why not treat it like gold? It’s the only thing that is going to carry us through this life so why do we continue to fill it with garbage? We know temptations can be hard and we are not ones to shy away from wine o’clock on a Friday or a carefully crafted cheese platter. However, bear in mind that you are what you eat. Your body is representative of how you treat it and what fuel you feed it. So eat your greens, munch on some fruit and pack in some protein.

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  1. Get Inspired!

Ever notice that when you’re truly inspired or passionate about something, anything, that it lights a fire under your butt? Well, exercise and being healthy can be a part of that too. When you fall into the flow of life, working towards achieving bigger and better things, you tend to inevitably build yourself into the best possible version of you…without even meaning to. So find what inspires you, and do it! Give yourself a challenge and own it. Before you know it you’ll have turned into the best and most badass version of yourself.

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