This heavy rain can really get you down and staying in over the weekend can cause major cabin fever. Although Lower Lonsdale thrives on the sunny days, there are still fun times to be had.

Here are 5 things to do in Lower Lonsdale on a rainy day:

Go bowling.


North Shore Bowl is North Vancouver’s 5 pin bowling alley located at 141 West 3rd St. and is fun for all ages. If you do go, you’ll probably run into long-time owner Richard Grubb who will share with you his passion for the game — he is a 3 time Canadian Bowling Champion after all. For hours and pricing click here.

Matinee at Esplanade.


It’s easy to forget that we actually have a movie theatre just down the street. Esplanade is a great place to catch a flick on a rainy day. Have you checked out the new Johnny Depp movie yet? Showtimes for Esplanade theatre here.

Coffee date.


Why not go to one of our many local coffee shops? Grab a newspaper and finish a crossword puzzle or call up an old friend for a long overdue catch up. Having a nice visit on a rainy day might be just what the doctor ordered.

Try a new workout.


There are a bunch of places in LoLo that offer some physical fun. From the fitness classes at John Braithwaite CC to pilates or boxing, there are many options for you to squeeze in a rainy day workout!

Pamper yourself.


Why not take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself? Ladies, you must know there are a plethora of nail salons to get your digits on point. For the boys, take a quick jaunt down Marine Drive to Man Up Grooming to get your beard trimmed or get your fade more faded — is that the lingo? Either way, you’ll feel like a million bucks when you walk back outside and into the downpour.

There are probably many more things to do in our neighbourhood on these rainy days… what are your favourite things to do?