As a photographer, I am constantly amazed at what Lower Lonsdale has to offer for me for capturing with my camera. Every time I go out for a walk, there is a never-ending, ever-changing palette of sights that beg my attention. Let me list some of my favourite subjects for photographing:

1. First, we live on the spectacular Burrard Inlet, which presents an constant flow of interesting marine traffic, all presented against the beautiful backdrop of downtown Vancouver. At any given time, ships of all types ply the waters of the harbour, while the shifting weather presents incredible skies, especially during sunsets, for making great images.


2. The Shipyards and Pier area provide a venue for a myriad of activities during the year, including Friday’s Night Markets, and many other fun experiences. Scenery, performances and just great people-watching are all here.


3. The Lonsdale Quay provides a marvellous indoor market which hosts a multitude of vendors and wares. Add to this the many smaller shops in the area that provide unique goods, for example the newly-opened Green Market, and you have not simply a great shopping area, but a rich source of imagery.



4. Because of the attractions listed above, photographers can also enjoy one of my favourite types of photography: people-watching!


5. Finally, the spectacle of Mother Nature is evident even in the heart of the city, and yields not just a beautiful backdrop for our images, but also a subject in itself. We live in such a beautiful province, and LoLo itself is no slouch when it comes to providing photographers with a feast for the eye.



So grab your camera, or even your smartphone, and go explore the visual treasures of Lower Lonsdale.