The forecast is looking immaculate for North Shore sun bathers.

1. Waterfront Park – Surprisingly, this park seems to always have lots of space to lay out and set up camp for the day.  An unobstructed view of downtown Vancouver and Burrard Inlet makes for a great local bronzing spot… with a view!

2. Beach Volleyball Courts at the Shipyards – This is the best spot to get your Vitamin D and sweat on simultaneously. To reserve one of the bookable courts or for more information, contact the North Vancouver Recreation Commission at 604-983-6318.

Beach Volleyball courts

3. Victoria Park – So this may not be the ideal place to strip down as there is a lot of foot traffic throughout the park, but it is isolated from the wind and even on a not-so-hot day it is a great sun catching spot… just keep your clothes on.

Vic Park

4.  Lynn Headwaters – It may seem odd to go higher up the mountain for some sun, but this place is a mecca for pure, uninhibited sunning pleasure. There are so many trees around you that there is almost no wind, find a spot off the beaten path by the river and set up camp. If there are any nudists reading this, this is your spot.


5. Your Friend’s Pool – I was hoping to find some secret public outdoor pool that no one knows about but alas, there is no such thing.  Everyone has that friend that has a pool, so put them first on your speed dial this summer. We at are open to any pool invitations… just saying!

Beauty Brunette at Water Park

Please practice safe sunning and wear your SPF sunscreens & hats and always have a shade option nearby!