The sun is shining and you can feel summer peeking from around the corner. You can’t help but notice that your balcony or patio appears a little “under the weather”, and you don’t know where to begin. Below are 5 essential guidelines to follow when it comes to creating your ultimate, personal outdoor oasis:

1. Colour is your friend

A neutral palette is always nice inside the home. However, when it comes to your outdoor space, this is where you get to have FUN. Add in a colourful outdoor rug or throw pillows. If you have a covered balcony, toss a great throw over a chair. If your patio is open, maybe a fun umbrella is the trick.

Colour 2   Colour 1

2. Wall space = More space

Try to think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Make use of all the dimensions including the walls. Hang painted vintage frames on the walls or even an interesting piece of fabric you’ve found. Adding these elements will give that cozy feeling of home…with a little extra fresh air of course.

Walls 1   Walls 3

3. Think Green

You can never have too many plants when it comes to your outdoor space. A cluster of pots ranging in different shapes and sizes can be a great design feature as well as functional for growing multiple plant species. Greenery is also an amazing privacy creator if your patio or balcony is exposed to others and you want to create a more intimate feel.

Green 3   Green 1

4. Let there be light

Why not give yourself a reason to be outside more this summer? Lighting is not available on most balconies but that doesn’t have to stop you. If you have an outlet, a great set of mini lights will illuminate the space. If you don’t have an outlet, colourful lanterns filled with candles will give off the perfect mood lighting. There are also many great solar options available today.

Lighting 1   Lighting 2

5. Take a seat

The most valuable thing you can do this season, is invest in some quality seating. If you have a larger space, why not get an outdoor loveseat or sofa? If you have a smaller space, beef up that bistro set you just bought with some comfy cushions and foot stools. There are so many alternate seating ideas…but we’ll save those for the next article!

Seating 1     Seating 2

Here’s to your best patio season yet!