Black Friday: a day where people go nuts and spend their entire pay checks. Originally an American phenomena, the last few years have seen it explode into a shopping frenzy on this side of the border.

You have two choices on Black Friday: spend bank on a new flat screen TV/blender/designer purse and kiss your latest pay check goodbye, or keep calm and still have enough money to make rent.

Here’s five frugal things to do today:

  1. Take the GPS you bought on Black Friday last year and go Geocaching.
  2. Cook dinner for your friend/roommate/partner*. If you really want to get into the “holiday” spirit, try turning off the lights. Dinner in the dark à la Black Friday anyone?
    *make them bring the wine
  3. Glow Bowling at North Shore Bowl. Black lights for Black Friday? Yes please.
  4. Neighbourhood hide and go seek. Ideally played with friends while walking home from the pub in the dark.
  5. Binge watch Jessica Jones on Netflix in your coziest PJs. So basically “Netflix and chill” before the phrase was corrupted by social media.