1. The Grouse Grind. As you may have heard—and conveniently forgot?—the grind is now officially open for the season! Despite the numerous and unflattering nicknames that I have for this 2.9KM stairmaster, it really is a great ‘rain or shine’ activity to throw in the mix—particularly after a weekend of BBQ’s and junk food binging. Insider tip: cloud cover and cooler temperatures generally mean fewer tourists on the grind. This won’t necessarily make the hike easier, but it will make it slightly less frustrating.

2. Like to hike but hate the Grind? Head over to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. While technically longer than the Grind, this trail provides a far more enjoyable experience for the average hiker. At 3.8KM, Quarry Rock is a perfect option for an early morning or after-work activity. Run the path to up the ante or take it at a snail’s pace—either way make sure to end your hike with an obligatory stop at Honey’s Donuts.

3. Or you can check out Deep Cove Kayaking? Ok, this is more of a sunshine activity, but the forecast calls for sun on Friday, and as luck would have it that happens to be “Cheap Date Night” at the paddle centre. Date night begins at 4PM  and includes a discounted non-guided paddling session in either a single or double kayak. Note: the place gets busy, so make sure to call 604-929-2268 to make a reservation ahead of time.

4.Not feeling the outdoor activities this week? Never fear, Lower Lonsdale’s got you covered. Head on over to Champions Kickboxing at 125 1st St. East on either Friday (7PM) or Saturday/Sunday (11AM) for a high energy, full-body workout. The class changes with the teacher, but tends to provide an engaging mixture of cardio, calisthenics, boxing, and stretch.

5. If you’re looking for an exercise activity that’s a touch less intimidating, check out what’s on offer at JBCC. Aside from their drop in sports (e.g., soccer, badminiton) and basement gym, the centre also provides daily fitness classes including yoga, core, and cardio.