It’s hard to believe, but we’re a mere hours away from wrapping up another year, Lower Lonsdale! This has been our first full year writing about the places we love, the people we love, eating our way around the North Shore, reporting on local events, riding down an EPIC slide, and even having the chance to meet our new Prime Minister, while taking selfies in a photo booth with our Mayor! We had the largest Dinner on the Pier, we tried new foods at the Summer Night Market food trucks, hiked along the newly expanded Spirit Trail, and took more skyline sunset pics to than we could count!

Here are a just sample of our favourite photos we featured on our Instagram page this year.

Hard to believe that there was a time this year when the iconic Lonsdale Quay “Q” was removed. I completely forgot… did you? Glad to see it wasn’t a permanent removal. That Q defines our LoLo market!

Then there was the day we caught North Vancouver City Mayor Darrell Mussatto cruising along Lonsdale… really, there are no other words other than to simply enjoy that this happened on more than one occasion.

Good Morning #LowerLonsdale! Thanks @8181ak for sharing this pic with us. Time for ☕️☕️☕️.

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Early spring fog always makes for beautiful and unique photos. Also, a great reminder of how far along some of the local construction has come this past year, transforming the way our neighbourhood looks.

Nothing better than an evening of live music at Finch + Barley. These fellas, Mark and Bobby, are so incredibly talented! Be sure to check out when they’ll be playing some incredible music again in 2016.

Time for lunch in Waterfront Park! ☀️ Thanks @eyoalha for sharing this shot with us.

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Here we have another iconic installation along Waterfront Park, which always looks amazing in photos. Notice how green the grass was? Clearly this was taken in the spring before the summer water shortage.

#DogsOfLowerLonsdale quickly starting trending as people would tag us in pictures of their adorable fur babies walking along The Pier or Spirit Trail. We loved seeing your pet pics this year… keep it up!

Looking to host an event in #LowerLonsdale? Check out the Pipe Building! @quayproperties ✌🏻

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One exciting change this year was when Quay Properties opened the Pipe Building for private event rentals. Over the year we saw so many amazing parties, weddings, markets, and events take place in this fantastic venue. Who knows what’s coming up in 2016?

MAY LONG 👌🏻 photo by @gwenfarley #lowerlonsdale #northvan #theshipyards #veryvancouver #captureVanNS

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The arrival of May meant the Shipyard’s Night Market returned featuring a plethora of Food Trucks, an ever growing beer garden, market vendors, and ultimately, the best place for family and friends to catch up after a long week. I don’t know about you, but I’m already counting down to another season at the Night Market.

ships & sunsets #lowerlonsdale #northvan #theshipyards 📷 @arabiae

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From time to time over the year, we had some visitors at The Pier. Some people were even able to take a tour of these ships, while crew members were more than happy to talk to the pier-walking spectators about their travels around the globe.

Can't wait to cure the Monday blues here soon! @tapandbarrel @dgbars

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It felt like it was taking forever to finally open, and we know it’s because the owers of Tap n Barrel were working hard to make sure everything was perfect. Fast forward a few months, and the place is always hopping (excuse the beer-related pun there), and has been one of the best new businesses to come to Lower Lonsdale this year.

Our backyard ⬆️ #mtseymour #northvan #northshore #exploreBC #northvancouver 📷 @chasingsunrise

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One of the benefits of living on The North Shore is the ability to climb up some epic trails in the mountains behind us. So many of you took the most incredible photos of views we are certain were even more amazing in person. What are your favourite trails? Be sure to let us know as you continue to explore the North Shore.

Night falls on #DinneronthePier. Who's headed to the after party?

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There’s no way we could forget the amazing evening at our first Dinner on The Pier. (slideshow pics here) We’re already looking forward to making this event bigger and better this coming summer. Details to come in the next few months.

The summer drought brought with it a sense of “will this / won’t this happen” after months of anticipation for Slide the City to come to North Vancouver. It was one of the hottest days of the year coupled with NVan’s first Car Free Day. We’ll never really know where are all the water came from as our parks were as yellow as a Saskatchewan grain field, but we’ll never forget the smiles on the faces as people slide down Lonsdale. Hopefully the event comes back for another chance to go from a rip down Lonsdale!

Nothing beats a summer’s night than a stroll around the Night Market. As the heat wave continued, so did the amount of tourists coming into our neighbourhood to meet our vendors and support our community. Children danced to live music and beer flowed endlessly in the ever-packed beer garden. Ah, memories!

A trend that exploded over the year was photos and video shot by drones, providing us never before views of our neighbourhood. Keep it up – we loved seeing all of your photos.

Here we have another adorable example of #DogsOfLowerLonsdale. #DogsOfLoLo started trending as well, so we encourage you to use either or.

How can we forget, the night before the new Prime Minister winner was announced, that we had the opportunity to hear Justin Trudeau speak and the Pipe Building. It was a bitter battle to the end, and was one of the best turn outs in Canadian election history! 2016 has us wondering what Prime Minister Trudeau and his team will accomplish in the New Year.

As the seasons began to change and the autumn sun didn’t rise quite as high, more and more of you were posting the most breathtaking hiking photos as the sun rays beamed through the trunks of the trees! We truly do live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada… that we know for sure.

A staple must-do each Christmas season so to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge Canyon Lights exhibit! An evening enjoying all of the lights around the park while sipping on some hot cocoa. This is North Shore tradition that continues to grow year after year. Have no fear – you still have time – the event continues until Sunday January 3, 2016.

our winter wonderland #northshore #ourbackyard #lowerlonsdale #northvan #tistheseason 📷 @itselliotknight

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Lastly, Grouse Mountain really surprised us this year with their latest addition to their Peak of Christmas program with the “Light Walk”. Not only was in instant holiday-magic, it resulted in the most amazing selfie-lighting in town to capture that perfect festive moment. It also helped that the mountains received a healthy dump of Christmas snow for the first time in years, adding to the magic of the holidays.

There were so many amazing moments to choose from and we are so proud to be a part of the Lower Lonsdale Community. Be sure to continue to tag us in your photos with @LowerLonsdale or #LowerLonsdale so that we can see what our neighbours are talking about and experiencing.

Thank you all for an amazing 2015 – we truly appreciate all of your support.

Happy New Year!