So you think you know North Vancouver? You fancy yourself a local huh? Well, affirm to me these questions fourteen and you’ll truly know if you live and breathe Vancouver’s North Shore:

1. You’ve hiked Quarry Rock, posted a photo to Instagram and captioned the post #nevergetsold

2. You’ve watched a movie at Park and Tilford, only to have the projector breakdown halfway through

3. You’ve wholeheartedly debated with some snide Kits local that North Vancouver DOES NOT get more rain than Kitsilano (even though we do)

4. You’ve desperately searched for a hangover cure at the Tomahawk

5. You’ve choked back one of Queensdale Market’s enormous sandwiches and delicious soups for lunch and dashed back to work 15 minutes away

6. You’ve snacked on a delectable Honey’s Doughnut then felt drowning guilt

7. You’ve denounced Cypress, in fear of being thought a traitor, to commit wholly to Seymour and Grouse (despite less terrain)

8. You know the Executioner, the Bitch’s Brew, as well as the Cunt Buster, and you know they never get any easier

9. You work, have worked at, or you have at least had a few too many drinks at Earls Restaurant

10. You’ve taken distant family on the Grouse grind simply because you don’t like them that much

11. You know what a ‘Yak is, and you’ve taken it for a rip in Deep Cove

12. You’ve sprinted though the turnstiles and onto the Sea Bus with 1 second remaining

13. You’ve eaten questionable baked goods at Caribbean Days or Under the Volcano

14. MOST importantly, you’ve gotten lost in nature, you’ve gone camping, you’ve jumped off cliffs, you’ve biked till your legs are sore, you’ve befriended strangers, you’ve hiked, you’ve swam, you’ve spread good vibes, you’ve looked out over our vast, green, beautiful home and smiled to yourself, quietly stupefied at how you got so lucky to live here.