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We’re happy to announce that the highly anticipated Lower Lonsdale restaurant opening has finally arrived! The Gull Bar + Kitchen sneakily opened its doors last week with no huge announcement and everyone is loving it.

There’s fresh ingredient cocktails and fine dining caliber food without the pretentious nature that typically comes with. The atmosphere is chill and the playlist is perfection with hip hop, funk & soul jams from the 90s and 2000s.

The space is open and much brighter than the days of the ‘Ol Rusty (which happens to be the name of a cocktail on their list). There’s 2 large wood slab communal tables at the front, perfect for meeting a group of friends.

You can see General Manager Phil Tapping serving up food, topping up wine and chatting with guests.

There’s plenty of beer on tap for the craft brew enthusiast– some mainstay beers and a rotating tap which will feature different local breweries from North Vancouver + Vancouver alike.

The staff are dressed in laid back jeans and a tee–playing up their concept of being a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Head Chef Colin Vyner hard at work in the kitchen, which can be seen via the pass through on your way to the bar.

And he’s whipping up some fantastic dishes. Like this fresh tasting Salmon Crudo with dill and creme fraiche.

Roasted carrots with Labneh and a carrot top pesto.

And an outstanding (and beautifully plated) Beef and Brassicas.

And lets not forget the ‘In and Out’ style house ground burger and fries.

So if you’re staying in town this long weekend, swing by The Gull and taste it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

The Gull is currenlty open from 5pm-Midnight Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Mondays.

View their full menu here.



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