Saturday November 15th is election day for the City of North Vancouver. If you don’t know, now you know.

Here are the three candidates running for mayor:


Kerry Morris


Appeal: Man with a moral compass that compels refusal of campaign donations from developers and unions


  • FOR an integrated traffic management plan to increase flow on the North Shore
  • FOR more and better public parking solutions
  • AGAINST redevelopment of current school land for residential use
  • AGAINST the current pace of residential development and wants to incorporate a “Lower and Slower” policy



Darrell Mussatto


Appeal: Local North Vancouverite who’s woven himself into his community


  • FOR solutions that work for everyone
  • FOR child care, new parks, recreation facilties and waste reduction
  • AGAINST pollution and waste
  • AGAINST amalgamation: does not want to see NV City and NV District combined into one entity


George Sifton Pringle


Appeal: Actions speak louder than words


  • FOR amalgamation: wants to see NV City and NV District unified into one entity
  • FOR converting the Lonsdale Energy Corporation from a private corporation to a City corporation
  • AGAINST residential development exceeding six floors in height
  • AGAINST The City and District being just friends. REALLY wants to see these two get together



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