1. It’s a beautiful day out.

Maybe it is. Maybe it’s a blue blazer out there. Does that mean that you should walk up Lonsdale? Probably not… but you’ve already started. No turning back now!

2. It’s really not that steep.

This kind of self-talk is part of the convince yourself it’s a good idea stage. Will it work? I guess that depends on how convincing the voice in your head is…

3. Crossing the street here will save time.

It might… but let’s be really honest here. Did you cross the street for a more direct route, or because you needed a break?

4. Is that building new?

The answer is usually yes. And even if it’s not, stopping to ponder a building or construction site is a perfectly acceptable rest stop.

5. Coffee or gelato?

This is the kicker–do you fuel your stroll with caffeine at the start, or reward yourself with ice cream when you’ve made it to your final destination? Or do you do both? You’ve worked hard today, you deserve it.

6. Where’s the best photo stop?

What’s the point in living somewhere so great if you can’t post it on Instagram and make the rest of the city jealous? You know what I’m talking about–that iconic shot of Lonsdale Ave with downtown Vancouver looming over the water and the Q casually resting in the top corner.

7. Is that fresh snow on the mountains?

While walking you’ll have plenty of time to ponder whether the white dusting you’re staring down on the local mountains is fresh. Is it time to put away the skis and pull out the hiking gear yet?


Call it self-satisfaction with a bit of pride thrown in for good measure–some people take the bus, but not you. You just walked up Lonsdale.

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