If you’re fortunate enough to live, work or play on the North Shore, chances are mentions of crossing the second narrows bridge during rush hour plunges you into a cold sweat whilst shaking uncontrollably in the fetal position on the floor.


And if you’re driving at any time outside of 3:45 to 3:47am on Christmas morning, you’ve noticed that your fellow motorists aren’t doing their part to alleviate your fears.

Traffic on the cut is getting worse. Commuters to and from the north shore can only control so much, but the things we can control? Well, it’s within our power to make rush hour manageable.

And if you do any of these things, you’re the problem.

1. Neglecting the Weave

Two lanes merge onto the Second Narrows from Main Street, and smart drivers know that one car enters from one lane, then another from the other lane. Back and forth. I don’t get why your commute improves so much when you ride the bumper of the car in front of you just to get in one spot sooner.

2. Not Waving

We’re all frustrated. No one likes sitting in traffic. So whether or not you feel entitled to your place in your lane, give a simple wave to the driver who let you in. Positive vibes are contagious.

3. Crowding the Intersection

We get it, your life is more important than the life of everyone else on the road. That’s why you’re sitting in the middle of an intersection preventing progress while I have a green light. Don’t be this guy. If there’s nowhere to go on the other side, don’t drive into the intersection. It doesn’t save any time anyways.

4. Being an Aggressive Jerkface

Like positive energy, negative energy is also contagious. When one driver cuts someone off, they infuriate and provoke. Most people will seek vengeance further down the road. It’s a vicious spiral of anger. So instead, if someone wrongs you, use the bully-theory I used in junior high school when considering retaliation: you’re just going to cause a bigger problem. Let the jerks be jerks, be the bigger driver and control what you can control.

Alright, that’s it for today. I have to drive home. Hooray! Happy thoughts!

Kelvin is a freelance writer. He spends his days blogging for companies who can’t, won’t or shouldn’t be blogging for themselves. Drop Kelvin a line at FunctionWriting.com or follow him on Twitter at @functionwriting.

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