On Monday, The City of North Vancouver passed a motion in council requiring all gas pumps in the city to have climate change warning labels.

The labels will look something like this:


Our Horizon is the non-profit behind these “impactful” warning labels.

From the website: “The idea is a low-cost, globally-scalable intervention to create social environments that favour reform.”

Which is another term for MASS GUILT TRIP; let’s shame the dirty gas-pumpers on to bicycles with grotesque pictures of dead ducks.

WARNING LABEL: Pulling the trigger on this pump is the same as pulling the trigger on this defenceless baby seal. 

OH MY GOD I’M A MONSTER. *pushes car off a cliff*

Also, The City clearly didn’t think this through. With these warning labels convincing gas-pumpers to abandon their filthy vehicles and walk to work in the pissing rain. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THE ABANDONED CARS???

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