To all the meat eaters out there, we’ve got some good news for you. The popular made-to-order sandwich shop from Edgemont will finally be opening its Lower Lonsdale doors this Tuesday December 12, 2017. We were fortunate enough to catch up with them a few weeks ago for a little Q + A about what our community can expect from The Meatery.

Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us about the Meatery. 

The Meatery was opened in 2013 in the existing Windsor Meats Edgemont butcher shop. By splitting the store in half we created a butcher/sandwich shop hybrid.  The concept was to use the fresh, local, ethical meats from the butcher as the base for delicious house made sandwiches. Windsor Meats currently operates 5 (going on 6) butcher shops across the GVRD; two of which have Meatery’s (Edgemont and soon to be Lower Lonsdale).

What can we expect?

At our new LoLo location, customers can expect a very similar concept to Edgemont; a butcher/sandwich shop during the day with the addition of small plate service in the evenings.  We will be fully licensed; offering local craft beer, wine, and kombucha on tap.  Our lunch/sandwich menu will mirror the Meatery in Edgemont and the dinner service will focus on comfort foods highlighting our ethical meat selection from the butcher shop.

What sets you apart from the rest?

Windsor Meats and The Meatery are well known throughout Vancouver but we have especially deep roots on the North Shore where half of our stores are located.  Our unique way of utilizing our fresh, local meat in our eateries helps us support the many small Fraser Valley farmers we love so dearly. Customers can expect not only endless inspiration from our fresh meat case but also a place to dine that will offer unique dishes and products they won’t be able to find anywhere else (also, having a beer while you shop for meat is a unique experience in itself!).

Why LoLo?

Windsor Meats has deep roots on the North Shore.  Lonsdale has long been a community we have been itching to become a part of but the timing was never right. The endless opportunities for collaboration with our merchant neighbors, strong love of the community from the residents, and picturesque beauty make Lower Lonsdale a natural fit for our new location.

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