Construction is underway on the site of the new Presentation House aka Polygon Gallery. 18 months from now, with the ribbon cut and art on the walls, this photographic art gallery is set to be a Canadian cultural icon, community gathering place and Vancouver landmark.

The design of the building is unique and polarizing, but it’s undeniable that Polygon Gallery aligns with an ambitious, yet lucid, long term vision to make Lower Lonsdale an inspiring and exciting place to be.


The ceremonial digging of dirt on Monday officially removes one of the last City-controlled sites from the “what should go here” discussion table. Remaining are: Lot 5, currently home to the volleyball courts in front of the Pinnacle Hotel, and the Pipe Shop adjacent Tap & Barrell.

Mayor Mussatto is still promising an ice rink to occupy Lot 5 and claims to have bids from numerous contractors to construct it, while the Pipe Shop sits in purgatory: The North Vancouver Museum and Archives were given a December 31, 2015 deadline to raise $5 million to exercise their right to take over the spacious 9,300 sq ft venue.


Was the goal reached? No one seems to know.

Sources say that City Council is discussing the matter and we should have an answer in the next few weeks. However, it’s interesting that reaching a monetary goal by a date–a black and white objective–is up for debate.

Don Evans, chair of the fundraising campaign for the museum, says some of the larger donations are still being processed, which seems like a euphemism for “not quite”. At any rate, it’s a good sign that the City is devoting serious thought and discussion towards what type of attraction the Pipe Shop will house.

Like the Polygon Gallery, finding the right fit for this crucial piece of real estate will play a big role in shaping the legacy of Lower Lonsdale for years to come.

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