Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a seasoned North Shore vet, here are some new (and old) brunch spots you need to try (if you haven’t already of course):


Does it get any better?

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Tried and so friggin’ true. This is a dope spot to grab a chill, later brunch (they don’t open until 11am). The vibe is laid back with cool beats and plenty of seats. Sit back and relax with a caesar or spiked coffee and recoup from the previous night’s festivities.

MUST TRY: Breakfast Taquitos. This is a must.

View the menu here.


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New kid on the block and killing it. If you’ve ever been to 1st and Lonsdale at around 10am on a weekend, then you’ve likely seen the lineup of hungry people waiting to get a spot at this new eatery. The scent of fresh homemade sourdough wafts out of this heritage building (once Moodyville’s) luring in the locals. This is definitely not a spot to lounge around as people are eager to grab your table once your last bite is done–don’t be that person.

MUST TRY: Anything with the sourdough.

Menu is select and ever-changing.


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All hail the brunch king. This breakfast spot, nestled just outside of LoLo on Queensbury does brunch so good, that it actually only does brunch. The dishes are fresh, unique and so so good. Open daily at 7am, this is an ideal spot if you’re an early riser (you can beat the rush as they have limited capacity) and hosts a beautiful outdoor patio in the back for the summer.

MUST TRY: Huevos Rancheros

View the menu here.


Bennies for brunch 🍳 When eating out I try to stick to proper food combining for meals. Since restaurant food is usually heavier and richer, following a system that makes it easier to digest helps maintain some balance. ⚖️ Ideally, fruit should be eaten alone and meals should be primarily protein and vegetables or carbohydrates, fats and vegetables. With this dish I substituted the standard English muffin with thick slices of grilled tomato and the sides for salad. In contrast, my friend left out the meat and included bread and potatoes. Mine was more protein heavy and hers was more carbohydrate heavy. 🍽 The body uses different enzymes to break down different types of foods. If we are eating many meals that are both protein and carbohydrate heavy, instead of cycling back and forth, that can overtax and deplete our enzyme stores. Ultimately this can hinder digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination and lead to issues like bloating, fatigue and slow bowels. ⚖️ #eggsbenedict #eggs #highprotein #salad #cleaneats #paleo #wholefoods #realfood #fitfam #fitfood #fitspo #bbg #gains #eattherainbow #nutrition #eatlocal #yvreats #vancouverfoodie #northshore #lonsdale #onthetable

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Another newbie to the Lower Lonsdale food scene is this 2 story eatery on the East side of Lonsdale Ave. between 2nd and 3rd. The decor is bright and open, hosting a long communal table on the main floor and booths upstairs. Grab a pot of french press, the newspaper and just chill. The breakfasts are more traditional with huge portions.

MUST TRY: Breakfast Poutine

View the menu here.

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