The rumours are true! There’s going to be a skating rink at Shipbuilder’s Square in time for the Christmas Festival!


[image courtesy of the City of North Vancouver’s Twitter]

Oh. That looks, a bit, hmm…I was expecting there to be more ice and less plastic.

Needless to say the cost of installing an ACTUAL ice skating rink at sea-level at parallel 49 would be astronomical, but I have to admit that this snap-together, plastic substitute looks pretty darn weak. However, apparently you can skate on it with real skates, so let’s not knock it ’til we rock it, I guess.


Kudos to The City of North Van for making this happen. Real ice or not, the Christmas Festival on this Saturday, December 6th is sure to be a huge hit with the community and get everyone into the holiday spirit. Just don’t expect to re-live your junior hockey dreams on the plastic “ice”.

Merry Christmas!

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