The City of North Vancouver’s Green Necklace project began as a vision of one of the City’s founders, Edward Mahon, over 100 years ago. He envisioned a “Grand Boulevard” that would encircle the City–an idea in response to the deteriorating conditions of industrial cities in Europe in the late 1800’s.

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Yesterday the City held open house #1 to present the concept and design to extend the Green Necklace along the following roads:


East Keith Road to Grand Boulevard

  • Adding a multi-use path for pedestrians and family cyclists on the north side of Keith Road (with a flexible design around encroachments where possible)
  • Adding street trees to the north side of Keith Road
  • Adding on-street bike lanes
  • Moving the south curb further south to accommodate parking bays and bike lanes
  • Adding traffic calming measures

Grand Boulevard at Keith Road to 19th Street

  • Adding separated single-direction bike paths on the perimeter of the park
  • Adding safe shared crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Adding street trees along the bike paths
  • Maintain and enhance the existing central pedestrian path
  • Upgrade lighting at road intersections for overall safety

Here are some great in-depth presentation boards of of the proposed project and the City is conducting an online questionnaire on the Green Necklace extension until October 27th which you can fill out here.

So what value does the Green Necklace add to our lovely city and residents?

[From the open house presentation:]

“The Green Necklace is a proposed urban greenway — an off-street, fully accessible path for people of all ages and abilities that will form a 7.5km loop around the City centre. As a key component of the City’s first 1907 Town Plan, it will link historic parks and buildings, public spaces, schools and commercial areas. The greenway will complement the City’s Bicycle Master Plan and existing transit routes, and also provide important connections to other trail systems such as the North Shore Spirit Trail.

As a result, fewer people will need to rely on vehicles to make short trips within the City Centre — especially at peak hours, thus helping decrease traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Okay great; more construction along North Van arteries.


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