Mayor Darrell Mussatto exclaimed this via Twitter on Friday morning as he toured the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Trampe is a user-operated bicycle lift that easily transports riders and their bicycle up a 20% grade hill. He was given a personal tour of the Trampe by its inventor Jarle Wanvik. Mussatto was also interviewed via phone on CBC Radio discussing his dream of bringing a similar bicycle lift to North Vancouver. The Trampe in Norway cost “a few hundred thousand dollars” and according to Mussatto, a North Van version may be closer to one million dollars. His ideal location for a bike lift would be on Keith Road hill from Bewicke Ave to Jones Ave a distance of 700m with approximately a 50m elevation gain. He hopes the lift would be free to users as is the Trampe. Although one may assume a bike lift up Lonsdale would be the place to put one, Mussatto figures the Keith Road lift would be preferable as there are far less busy cross streets intersecting the road. As comparison, it’s 800m from the foot of Lonsdale to Keith Road at Victoria Park with an elevation gain of 65m. Mussatto summed up his thoughts on a bike lift as being more than simply for use by local residents,

During the final Council Meeting before summer, on July 20, North Vancouver City council unanimously agreed to have City Staff report back on the feasibility and costs of this idea when Meetings resume this fall.

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