Now that The City has kiboshed the Pipe Shop Museum campaign, let’s peer into the future and talk about what the beautiful 9,300 sq ft waterfront venue SHOULD house.

Here’s 7 ideas for Pipe Shop attractions that are better than a museum:

1. Roller Derby 

If people in roller skates beating the crap out of each other while RACING as fast as they can around a track doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you’re DEAD WRONG.


2. Indoor Skate Park 

It’s impossible to feast your eyes on all that silky smooth concrete and NOT want to shred it to pieces, bruh.


3. Parkour Gym

Peak Parkour may have been like five years ago, but those high ceilings and reclaimed wooden cross beams are practically begging to be parkoured on.


4. Gun range

Can I get a HELL YEAH!?


5. Sleep zone for drunk people who miss the Seabus at 2am

What’s better than paying $30 for a cab back to Vancouver? Paying $29 to spend your night tossing and turning on a thin foamy in the Pipe Shop. Ka-CHING!


6. City Council meetings

I’d wager this egg salad sandwich that WAY more people would care about municipal issues if the city council meetings were in a pretty building down by the water instead of in a bunker 15 blocks up the hill. Unless The City doesn’t WANT you there…


7. Living Art

What happens when you lock 25 men and women in a large empty room with no bathroom? I have no idea, but I’d watch the shit out of that reality show.

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