Lower Lonsdale has become the land of ‘coming soon’. It was only a few years ago that this place was a ghost town. You could walk down Lonsdale without seeing a single soul and tumbleweed rolled down the pier rather than couples in matching running gear.

A lot has changed since then and don’t get us wrong, we’re stoked about it! But good things don’t come easy, and this can be said for a lot of businesses that are trying to join in on the booming fun in our hood. Our streets are filled with promises of businesses to come and here are a few that have tickled our fancy:


This one feels like it’s almost there. The covering is finally taken off the windows, and we can get our first glimpse at what this premium bakery will look like. Their Facebook Page boasts hand made pastries, artisan bread, daily breakfast and lunch, weekend brunch & amazing coffee. It’s nothing like the old Moodyvilles, but we’re down.


One of the many establishments yet to open in the beautiful Wallace & McDowell building (on 2nd street, next to Brown’s).  With the addition of Lagree West & Bodhi Studios in the past year, Lower Lonsdale is becoming quite the hub for all things health and fitness. The ‘who, what, when, where & why’ of this up & coming cycle studio remains a bit of a mystery but,  they have us intrigued…


Probably one of the most recent to be join the ‘coming soon’ club. The popular health-focused fast food chain is coming to West Esplanade this year. They will be serving up bowls, burritos, juices & smoothies for people on-the-go. Although we know this place will be no comparison to our long-standing local juice establishment The Juicery Co., we’re pumped to have something to grab when we’re running to catch the seabus other than Subway or McDonald’s.  Never been to Freshii? Peep their menu here.

What spot are you waiting for to open?


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