Yesterday was definitely one for the books. Here are some Instagram images of what happens when a serious windstorm hits the dry woods of North Vancouver.

A photo posted by Stacie Bee (@staciebee) on

A photo posted by @livewestlove on

Feeling a bit too close to home for me. What is this windstorm ??

A photo posted by Raquel (@boho_brio) on

Cates Park parking lot. #windy #tree #fall gusty #northvan A photo posted by @christobel48 on

#spotthejudge #fallentrees #windstormblewin #brokeawindshield #northvancouver

A photo posted by Ria Winona (@eskimopie77) on

Timberrrrrrrr ?? #windy #Vancouver #vancitybuzz #northvancouver #windstorm A photo posted by K. Archihahn (@k.archihahn) on

Crazy wind on the trails today! #northvancouver #dogwalkersofinstagram #dogwalkerproblems #bcstorm

A photo posted by Laughing Willow Pets (@laughing_willow_pets) on

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